My business is a start-up and I want a website….. where do I start?

My business is a start-up and I want a website….. where do I start?

So, you have your new business set up and you want to spread your reach and attract more clients to grow your business. You’ve heard that getting an online presence in the form of a website is the best option for you.

So, where do you begin?

The best place to start is to figure out exactly what you want your website to do for you.

There are many purposes of a website. For businesses, it’s often about showcasing their goods or services. So the website could function as a lead magnet and its aim is to create more leads and sell more products/services.  These are usually dynamic websites that require interaction from the visitor, and the website is designed to entice users to look around and take up the services or products. For serious businesses, this also means taking into account scalability. This basically means that the business probably wants options that allow it to change and grow with their business.

Some businesses prefer a catalogue type of website otherwise known as a static website that just provides information on the company and their products or services, but does not require the visitor to be interactive with the site.

These are just two options of the available websites out there.

A good place to start is to do your market research and know your target audience. Then review various websites that you believe will appeal to your target audience, and take note of what you like about the website and what you think works and is appealing about the website.

Next, think about the journey you want your website visitors to take so that you make it easy for them to show them how you solve their problem with your product or service and how they can access it.

Use this information to plan out your website design, making sure to provide all the elements required to solve your customer’s problem.